Optical Bonding

With Optical Bonding (or Full Bonding) we intend a process where a layer of a ultra transparent resin is applied between the external surface of an LCD and the cover glass.

This treatment provide first of all a low light reflexion index of the surface, giving to the bonded module an excellent readability in outdoor or semi-outdoor applications.

The optically bonded screen becomes also more resistant to shocks as the resin fills all the internal gap, providing more stability and also a good degree of elasticity.

Air Gap vs Optical Bonding

For this process we at DisplayHub use premium resins, produced in Europe, which remain soft (gel status), and with high resistance to yellowing when exposed to direct sunlight. Our optical bonding equipment can process displays from the size of 4” to the maximum size of 32”, and our technical approach and business model does not require our customers to pay for tooling charges.

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