Touch Foil Lamination

In many large size display applications, such as wayfinding, education, meeting and control rooms, one of the most important requirements is to have an interactive screen. For sizes from 42” and above, the classic ITO technology is not price competitive and this marker area is covered by the Metal Mesh technology.

We at DisplayHub can support you by providing Metal Mesh Touch Sensors from 32” to 75”, already adapted to the UHD display resolution.

These senors have multi-touch capability and can be applied to glass cover up to 10mm of thickness. Within the end of 2021 we will have in house the capability of the foil lamination on your glass. The possible business models, in this case, are two:

  • you send us your glass and we return it with laminated touch sensor
  • we provide, based on your drawing and glass type, the complete touch screen

We invite to contact us for further details.

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